-- Loneliness and isolation -- living alone, a dwindling social circle due to deaths or relocation. -- Reduced sense of purpose -- feelings of purposelessness or loss of identity due to retirement or physical limitation on activities. -- Health problems -- illness and disability; chronic or severe pain; cognitive decline; damage to body image due to surgery or disease. -- Medications -- many prescription medications can trigger or exacerbate depression. -- Fears -- fear of death or dying; anxiety over financial problems or health issues. -- Recent bereavement -- the death of friends, family members, and pets; the loss of a spouse or partner.

The same organization's recommendations for seniors to prevent depression are addressed by MyWay Village's Connected Living program including:

-- Get out in to the world -- try not to stay cooped up at home all day. -- Connect to others -- limit the time you are alone and if you can't get out to socialize, invite loved ones to visit or keep in touch over the phone and online. -- Participate in activities you enjoy -- pursue whatever hobbies or pastimes bring or used to bring you joy. -- Learn a new skill -- pick something that you have always wanted to learn or that sparks imagination and creativity. -- Enjoy sharing jokes and stories -- laughter provides a mood boost so swap humorous stories and jokes. bout MyWay Village.

SOURCE: MyWay Village