Until now, the only injectable drugs available to reduce pain were opioids, such as morphine and meperdine, and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ketorolac. Opioids can cause sedation, nausea, vomiting, cognitive impairment and respiratory depression, and ketorolac has been associated with side effects such as increased risk of bleeding as well as gastrointestinal and renal complications. Caldolor is the first new injectable product available in the United States in 20 years for IV pain treatment, and provides safe and effective relief from both pain and fever. Caldolor also offers reliable IV delivery of ibuprofen, which has a long history of safe and effective use as an oral formulation.

"We are greatly encouraged by the medical community's favorable early reception for Caldolor, particularly the rate at which hospitals are adding the product to their formularies," Mr. Kazimi added. "Moreover, with the imminent onset of the flu season, we envision Caldolor as becoming an important new treatment for high fever often seen in hospitalized flu patients."

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