One thing we are determined not to do is preach, instead by using some great celebrity and real people's stories, we are arming our readers with the information they need to understand how their behaviour can affect their health."

Your Life reader Jackie Carlyon from Norfolk was inspired by the winter edition of the magazine to give up smoking. She said: "I was a smoker on 20 to 25 cigarettes a day, but I gave up in January and I'm still off them! It's down to willpower ? and my 4-year-old daughter Luchia making comments about my smoking, which scared me. It's been hard and there have been temptations, but reading the celebrity stories in the winter issue really helped me as I realised you've got to live for your children as well as for yourself."

Carrie Grant, Fame Academy's vocal coach, said: "Your Life! is a great magazine - it really does encourage and educate women to look after their health. There's so much that women can do to change the way they feel It's also good the way the magazine draws attention to the services that the NHS provide."